Historic Tombstone still celebrates the Wild West!

This New Year’s Eve wasn’t spent in Las Vegas, in fact, I had the opportunity to bring in the 2017 New Year in historic Tombstone, Arizona!   I was so amazed how this small community of less 1,000 population is still keeping the Wild West Spirit alive.    With it’s many visitors passing through each… Continue reading Historic Tombstone still celebrates the Wild West!

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Vegas Cowboy Cash welcomes WNFR Contestants!


It’s Cowboy Central in Las Vegas starting December 1st through December 10th as the Wrangler National Finals Rodeo comes to town!   With so much happening in such a short period of time, we’ll be posting mailing on social media pages Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram @whatscountryinVegas & on  Twitter @TinaMontanaLV.    Visit to inquire about events, WNFR performances, and concerts.  Here is just a sneak peak to some of the events.

  • Tuesday – November 29th:  My Co-Host and I interview 2016 WNFR Contestants as they walk the Gold Carpet at the South Point.

2016 WNFR Contestants


  • Monday – December 5th:  Meet Ryan Rought (Miniature Bull Rider with PBR) at the Diamond Diva Apparel Booth – South Point Arena Hall



PBR offers BIG business in BULL Business

Professional Bull Riders roll into Vegas and for the next eight days I will be “knee-deep” in bull***t!   It seems that the bull business has turned into a very BIG business and I am curious to learn more about who and what makes up this business.   The South Point will host the Blue… Continue reading PBR offers BIG business in BULL Business


Defining Disability – A Parallel Horse & Rider

This last show segment, titled “Defining Disabilities” a parallel of Horse & Rider, took me on an emotional journey to meet some incredible people and one unique horse.  I learned the importance of leadership between horse and rider as well the connection to bond in order to create trust.   It was the true meaning of really… Continue reading Defining Disability – A Parallel Horse & Rider


Ryan Shares his passion for CMSA

We were positioned inside the Cinch Saloon, on a mid Wednesday afternoon – just before the Cowboy Mounted Shooter’s Association began its week of competition.  I was really surprised to learn that Ryan Growney, General Manager of the South Point Casino was a member and participant of the CMSA.     Although, he did not compete during… Continue reading Ryan Shares his passion for CMSA